Media debates

Facebook removing beheaded video – Facebook allowed a video of a woman getting beheaded in a foreign country and there was an outburst of people complaining. The arguments of the debate were that Facebook justified the posting of such videos by saying that the sharing material of graphic content would be permissible if the purpose was to condemn it. This lead to the argument on the other side being that people didn’t want that on Facebook no matter  what the reason was as children could see it and it could also really affect some people in different ways. Facebook vowed any images posted for “sadistic pleasure or to celebrate violence” would be removed. Radio Free Europe

Miley Cyrus is she exploited or empowered? many people argue that Miley Cyrus is bad for the public and what she’s doing is wrong but on the other hand people also believe that she can do what she wants and should be able to enjoy it without having a worry.  Bertie Brandes says in an article “Miley Cyrus is 20; of course she wants to be sexy. I was so desperate to be sexy at 20 that I dyed my hair the colour of a haystack and wore fishnets with everything I had in my wardrobe. In Miley’s case, her idea of sexiness is pretty extreme, which is probably something to do with having been forced to adopt a split personality called Hannah who never gets her period and lives in Disneyland with Tinkerbell. (Yes, she was a child star.) I totally believe that Miley Cyrus thinks twerking is really sexy and I don’t see why that has to be a problem.” But Melanie Harvey says “What a pity that something didn’t involve making good music. Campaigners say videos like the one with the wrecking ball, the hammer, the Doc Martens – and not much else – should come with a rating. I know what rating I would give it, an R for Rubbish.” The Daily Record and The Guardian

People think that the App for all smart phones that’s called Snapchat is purely used for teenagers to send explicit messages to and from each other. The creator of Snapchat Evan Speigel replies with: “We’ve reached a position in the market where so many people are using the product,” he says. “And Snapchat’s just not a great way to do that. Every snap you take has to be taken in the application and sent in that moment. All day long, when people are at work? It’s hard to take your pants off in the office. The service is mostly used during the day, it’s continues to be over 70pc women. That’s not how we used it with our friends, that’s not how I use it with my mom.” The Telegraph


One comment on “Media debates

  1. These are great debates. But what evidence do we have either way? Take the Miley Cyrus example – She says she is being a Feminist. How does she back this up? Opponents say it is another example of sexualisation of media imagery – and indeed, Pop Videos are to get Certificates and be bound by the same legal definitions as all other broadcasts. Is this over use of sexual imagery Imagery damaging? If so, How? And what evidence is there to say it is damaging?

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